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Wanderlust 2012

Out + About


I’m finally getting out & about under my own steam! It’s so nice to be free again, & much sooner than expected, although my doctor says that I won’t be able to be on my feet to the extent that I was in October for another year, or maybe too. I view this news with alarm.

My new schedule means that I catch the light on my way home, & I’m back to prowling {limping} around the hill with my camera.

♥ Momo


Energy Pt II


January and February were so grey and dismal that I think I might have buried my head in the pillows this morning and mumbled something about waking up again in May. That’s why my kitchen is in disrepair and my wardrobe until recently {really recently} was its own snowman-like structure on the bureau. How do you get out of a slump when the weather isn’t going to let up for another three months? 

I’ve made what might have been a mistake & started drinking coffee again, & hoping it’ll jump start my system. I’ll put up photos soon of what I’ve been up to, now that I’m properly caffeinated.

♥ Momo

November Cleaning

We’ve moved Shawn into an office off of the main living room, which is now mine! All mine! ….ahem. Migi likes to help us move furniture around. She just can’t help it when fingers appear on the edge of the table though.

♥ Momo

Etsy Update: October

Carnelian & Labradorite

I have put my favorite necklace up on Etsy! It was hard to do, but everyone who saw it loved it so much, & I recognize that eventually I’ll be making enough jewelry that it will be impractical to give them all names & tuck them all into a cozy bed at night – I have to learn how to let go.

I hope you love it as much as I do! I have a proper torch now, & first on the agenda are more octopus designs. I also have a small line of simple hoops and little earrings, which are perfect stocking stuffers, party favors, and bridesmaids gifts! {I’m a fan of Fall weddings.}

♥ Momo


October 11 was our anniversary! We went to the ocean, since one year ago we were married at the ocean {a much warmer ocean} and treated ourselves to two beautiful, rainy days on the coast.

…I take a lot of pictures of birds. I edited heavily, & after reviewing the evidence, I have a suspicion that this particular flock started posing before we finally left.

Ocean X

Here’s to Year II! May it be as great – or greater than year one. I love you, Shawn ♥

♥ Momo

The Big Board

“Gentleman! There’s no fighting in the War Room!”

Scenes from my bench! September updates on the business, and some pictures from recent adventures:

Our beach, as seen in the Mason jar on my window sill.

Stormy Sunday I

Stormy Sunday II

…the view from my work table, to the right of my bench and the big board. It’s been sunny, windy, drizzling, pouring and thundering today; my favorite weather. ♥

Small Work

Small Work III

I have this amazing collection of big and small lampwork beads, and I’m finally playing around with making them into something!


Beads! II


Sad Pillow Sunday

…yeah. There’s really nothing to do when you turn the corner to find this other than to take a picture. Grey sky, grey sidewalk, grey pillow with the stuffing beat out of it. Real feathers.

Pillow at Pike & 11th

“Sidewalk Cat welcomes you to Cafe Presse”

I love Cafe Presse – stop making the waiting list so long, guys.

I sold my first piece last week! I hope that this means good things. {Fingers crossed, working feverishly away.}

♥ Momo

Fall Wardrobe: Part II

Cordelia. Carnelian & Labradorite. Sterling.

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”

-A.A. Milne {Winnie the Pooh}

This is my favorite necklace I’ve made so far! Carnelian & Labradorite, wrapped with sterling silver.

I was downtown early before work last week and ducked into Anthro to dig through the sales rack. {You know it’s bad news when the sales associates grin at you and say “We haven’t seen you in forever! It’s so good to see you!”}

Identical dresses, one in plum, the other in a medium grey, they are 100% felted Merino wool, on sale, just put out, the only two XS’s in the entire store. They layer perfectly, and make me happy. ♥

Isn’t that a great way to start Autumn?

♥ Momo

Food for Thought

Strawberry Love

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”
-A.A. Milne via Winnie the Pooh

♥ Momo

But Will it Make You Happy?

Is it a strawberry?

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– Christopher Robin to Pooh

The King County Metro system has moved my bus stop. {Pause for dramatic effect.}

The new route deposits me two streets up from my own, and I’m exploring all kinds of new neighborhoods on my new route home. Lovely houses, all quiet residential streets, full of surprises. I actually walked completely past this house before I realized that it smelled like strawberries. I cannot overstate my love of strawberries.

I looked everywhere, until I realized that they were growing all over the sidewalk in front of me, disappearing into a mass of blackberry bushes leading up a cement wall to the house. I inconvenienced at least five people {sorry!} while I crawled around taking pictures of the strawberries, but they were so cute, and so small! ♥

♥ Momo

Motopresse on Etsy

Alice Necklace

New pieces up on Etsy! Rutilated/tourmalinated quartz drop necklace finished with a stack of tiny rubies, on a fine double sterling silver chain.

I’m sure I’ve talked about my octopus designs before; I’m awfully fond of them. I call him tako-chan, & I hope he’ll find a good home!

I tried something different this time: offsetting the clasp. I also placed a corresponding ring on the other side for balance, & like the effect. The ring also doubles as an additional loop for the clasp to shorten the necklace if you like. If it goes over well, I might bring it back in future pieces!

I’m not sure why I call him “he”, when he’s got several sweet faceted garnets keeping him company. Habit? In any case, I’ve named it the “Olivia”.

I’m so excited to have these up! A couple of people have actually made my first piece a favorite, and I hope that means that people like my work. I really wasn’t sure what to expect as far as Etsy traffic goes: I’ve heard from people who sold their pieces within 24 hours of listing, and some who have been on for a year before selling anything at all. I have high hopes.

♥ Momo